Core Ideas

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Simple Yet Effective

OmniGreen Labs (OG) is created with a very simple idea: create supplements or health related products that are simple but effective and be transparent in every aspects, from ingredients to manufacturing process.

Who Are We

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Health Enthusiasts

We are a bunch of MBAs and health related major masters who are enthusiastic about achieving optimal health and unlocking human potentials

Why OmniGreen

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Change Is All We Want

Supplements industry is one of the most dishonest industry in the U.S. Misleading advertisements, underdose products, and low quality ingredients are common in this industry. The price is jacked up not because of improving ingredients but of getting more money to do more false advertisements. The more we know about the industry, the more we want to change it. Thus we create this brand, we want to maximize the value offered to customers instead of getting the most of them.